Cycling Around Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is often overlooked by folks on the way to coastal Charleston, but the scene here is rapidly changing. An outdoor enthusiasts’ playground, the cultured community and college town has landed among the top-listed destinations to visit in 2017. While tourists flock to the seashore, real travelers remain close to the mountains. Make the most of…

Italy by Rail

Rolling across Italy on Rail Europe’s state-of-the-art high speed railways means visiting cities—both large and small—in a matter of hours. Moving at speeds of up to 220 mph, riding the rails has the appeal of slow travel with the convenience of modern immediacy. A journey from Venice to Rome can be made in just under…

Take Five: Gourmet Bologna

Half an hour north of Florence, Italy, Bologna is a small but dense city built with arched colonnades, hidden canals and ancient towers. Home to the world’s oldest university founded in 1088, the Biblioteca Salaborsa and Archiginnasio, a carved wooden anatomical theater, is just one block from the city center, Piazza Maggiore. Though there is…

The Insider: An Interview with PBS’s Travel Host Darley Newman

“Darley Newman is a globe-trotting TV host, producer, author, speaker and entrepreneur. After working at 48 Hours and CBS as well as hosting segments on networks such as Starz and Ralph Lauren TV, Newman founded her own Emmy-winning production company, DCN Creative.” Read the full story here. You can even take a tour with her company….

Nike’s Pro Hijab

In an age of xenophobia and Trump travel bans, Nike is following the lead of people, around the world who have stepped up to champion diversity. Read the full news story here. Image credit in story.

Provence, France by Horseback

After a steep descent down the Valley of the Aiguebrun River, rest easy in an auberge next to the river. Rolling hills of cherry orchards and vineyards unfold in the Calavon valley. With a snort and the sound of hooves brushing through tall grass, the hilltop levels and the next destination, Rustrel, appears between two…

Minority-friendly D.C. Sites

A new administration is in the White House, and it is understandable to feel an aversion to visiting the nexus of our political grievances. However, this is an important time to support our nation’s diversity in Washington, D.C. In solidarity with the Women’s March, a list of volunteer establishments provided refreshments and services to marchers…

Scenes from the D.C. Women’s March

In the final steps leading to the Ellipse, activists of all ages passed a quote from Frederick Douglass: “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will.” Though Douglass stated this wisdom in 1857, the idea holds true today. We cannot receive what we do not ask for. Read the full account…

Recharge at the Women’s March on Washington

Those attending may face low temperatures and freezing rain over the weekend, but the event has been planned in a way that only women could do. Local stores, museums, venues and restaurants are volunteering a place to refresh, warm up, charge phones and use the restroom for free at any place pinpointed on the interactive map…

Alternative Belgrade

From the Sava River under Brankov Bridge, look to the left for one of Belgrade’s most famous murals, La Santa de Beograd by Giom Olbi Remed. It depicts the cycle of the city’s death and rebirth. Read the whole story here.

Checklist: Belgrade, Serbia

Over the centuries, the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires left their mar here at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkans. Today, a population of 1.3 million integrates Serbian traditions with rapid development and modernization. Full story on Paste Travel.

16 Best Destinations of 2016

“Conservatively, we’ve published more than 700 articles. Those included features, lists, galleries, and industry news.” Take a look at my piece on Zagreb listed as one of the top 16 destinations.